Netroots Nation: Rebuild the Dream and the Return of Van Jones

MINNEAPOLIS – Former White House Green Jobs adviser* Van Jones will be speaking to the assembled Netroots nation audience tomorrow. In the meantime, he’s drumming up support for new third party progressive cause called Rebuild the Dream – launching officially on June 23rd with a rally in New York. The goal: a mass movement, boldly progressive, to get a populist discussion of Keynesian economics back into the mainstream. (The sense is that it’s been missing since the start of the Tea Party.)

“If you look at the polling data I think there’s probably at least 20-30 million voters out there who fundamentally agree that jobs are more important than the deficit,” he said, “who agree that taxes should be on the table – raising taxes on people who can afford it should be on the table as part of a balanced approach. There’s also a large number of people who think that responsibly winding down this wars would have a positive impact. But you don’t hear any of that in Washington, D.C. There’s a silent and silenced near majority of people who are more interested in peace and prosperity than war and austerity.”

*or czar, if you want to be that way.