Netroots Nation: Fight! Fight!

MINNEAPOLIS – The first plenary session of the conference began with a video message from Keith Olbermann, pre-emptively thanking the crowd for watching his new “Countdown” when it launches next week.

“There are other corporations that don’t want you to be able to see Countdown on Current,” said Olbermann. “Go to Current.com and sign our petition.”

After that, Olbermann was announced as the first keynoter for Netroots Nation 2012; and after that, Netroots Nation chairman Adam Bonin presented a slideshow to warn attendees about the Americans for Prosperity-sponsored RightOnline conference happening next door.

“They’re wily. They can use disguises.” The illustration: James O’Keefe in a pimp costume, and Evan Bayh on Fox News.

Next slide: A flip camera. “This is a weapon,” said Bonin. “If you don’t know the person on the other end of the camera, you don’t need to talk to it.”