Nearly Successful PR Pitch of the Day

I’m going to print this PR e-mail I just got, but while I respect the audacity of the pitcher, I will not reward them with free coverage. Instead of the name of the product, I have typed TOTALLY SHAMELESS COMPANY.

Along with any coverage you might be planning around the Anthony Weiner photos, I thought you might have interest in featuring this item. It is particularly timely as June is National Internet Safety Month.    

TOTALLY SHAMELESS COMPANY is a private photo sharing website that allows users to have control over their digital photos, offering a safe way to share pictures and protecting their privacy and reputation. This new service keeps images from being captured, reducing the risk that they will be shared with unexpected people or used for unintended purposes.     

Had Weiner used a site like TOTALLY SHAMELESS COMPANY, it could have prevented the widespread viewing of his photos. TOTALLY SHAMELESS COMPANY was created in light of countless stories like this, specifically to protect users’ privacy, digital identity, and reputation.

Let me know if you have interest in more information. Thanks!