Media Organizations Want Folks to Analyze Palin Emails? Conservatives4Palin Well Help!

The New York Times and Washington Post call for readers to help them sift through tomorrow’s Palin e-mail dump. The most devoted candidate support site in the business reacts , and endorses a plan of action:

ATTENTION PALINISTAS: If you have the time, volunteer at WaPo and at the NYTimes to go thru the Gov’s emails. You be the eyes not the haters

The Post has already changed up its request , and is asking for annotated contributions, not choosing a pool of volunteers. That’s good – that’s more likely to capture the people who may actually be aware enough of the context in which these six boxes of e-mails were sent. We’re talking about two years and change of discussion over complicated oil tax and pipeline issues, a ton of personalities who have remained obscure outside of Alaska, and interpersonal relationships that are similarly obscure. I’d expect Alaska-based Palin fans and critics to know enough to find the stuff that mattered – insofar as any of it matters.