Jon Huntsman Eats Food

John Weaver has applied the successful tricks of the McCain campaigns to Huntsman 2012. McCain would give endless access to reporters; so will Huntsman. The results of this so far are fresh-sounding quotes about public policy issues and hardy attempts to draw interesting color out of banal interactions. To wit, three moments from three newish Huntsman stories, in which something about the governor/ambassador is revealed by the presence of food.

Sam Stein - cheese! :

As he turned away from the gaggle of reporters on the campaign plane minutes later, Huntsman held a half eaten stick of string cheese in his left hand. He hadn’t eaten the rest, he told The Huffington Post, because he didn’t want the cameras capturing an awkward shot.

Matt Bai – cake!

He introduced his wife, Mary Kaye, and two of his seven children: Liddy, who had just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania; and Gracie Mei, his adopted daughter from China who was celebrating her 12th birthday. The wait staff rolled out a chocolate-mousse cake with 12 candles. Earlier, Huntsman trapped a ladybug in his hands and presented it to her as a gift.

Kathleen Parker in Newsweek (not online) – soup!

Looking to grab a bite across from Penn Station before hopping his train back to Washington, Huntsman asked the waiter: “Got any matzo-ball soup?” Eh, as I said, cognitive dissonance.

What will he eat next? I’m guessing some variety of donut.