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Human Centipede Sequel Banned in the UK; Will the “Sickest Movie of All Time” Be Released in U.S.? (VIDEO)

Human Centipede II has effectively been banned in the U.K. by theBritish Board of Film Classification for its horrific pornographic content.

The sequel to 2010’s Human Centipede, in which a crazed surgeon sews together three kidnap victims in a degradingexperiment, concentrates on a man who becomes obsessed with a DVD of theoriginal Centipede for his own depravedsexual gratification.

The film’s director, Tom Six,responded to the banning by sarcastically saying, “Thank you BBFC forputting spoilers of my movie on your website.”

No word on how the MPAA willrespond. The original Centipede wasreleased with an R rating in the United States.