Huckabee: “I Almost Feel Sorry” for “Leftwing Bloggers” Who Got Palin E-Mails

The former governor who is not running for president e-mails his HuckPAC list:

You almost have to feel sorry for all thereporters and leftwing bloggers who spent the weekend slogging through 24,000 pages of Sarah Palin’s old emails from her years as Alaska governor. They thought they were goingon the ultimate Alaskan safari, hunting for anything remotely scandalous or uninformed or even ungrammatical that they could attack Gov. Palin with. But totheir shock and grief, their partisan animosity backfiired. So far, aside from some justifiable anger about unfair attacks on her family, they’ve found nothing but thousands andthousands of dry government emails, to and from a perfectly-competent chief executive. You know, I used to be a governor. I know how deadly dull those emails mustbe to anyone who wasn’t involved in the business they concerned. That’s why I almost feel sorry for the people who volunteered to read them. Or I would, if it didn’tserve ‘em right for trying so hard to play “gotcha.”

Oh, they did discover some emails that were ridiculous, loopy and downright insane. Problem is, thosecame from their own side. Some people were actually so discombobulated by Gov. Palin’s nomination as Vice President, they emailed her rants that included death threats.I hope those were investigated with even half the fervor that was put into examining Sarah Palin’s spelling.

The irony, not that it matters anymore, is that Huckabee’s gubernatorial records were largely destroyed as he left office.