Greetings from Aspen, Colorado

ASPEN – I have landed and acquired my swag bag for the Aspen Ideas Festival, the weeklong celebration of Things and People Who Think About Things. It would be easy and lazy to have fun with the snatches of conversation I am picking up, so I’ll just do it once.

- “We’re trying to leverage our social media presence.”

- “That’s what I did my thesis on.”

- “Have you gone biking yet?”

There we go. Out of my system.

The first panel I’m planning to attend will be relevant to the news cycle. As Ken Vogel reports , the Supreme Court has just weighed in 5-4 against Arizona’s matching funds law. And by coincidence, there’s an afternoon event on “Money, Politics and Judicial Elections” featuring Sandra Day O’Connor, who was once a state senator in… yes, Arizona.

Among the other luminaries here:

- Feisal Abdul “Ask Me About the Cordoba Initiative” Rauff

- David Axelrod

- Sheila Bair

- Melody Barnes

- L. Paul Bremer

- Michael Chertoff

- Arne Duncan

- Tom Friedman

- Austan Goolsbee

- Alan Greenspan

- Arianna Huffington

- Fred Malek

- Gavin Newsom

- Queen Noor

- Mark Penn

- Penny Pritzker

- Nouriel Roubini

- Robert Rubin

- Alan Simpson

So, you know, one of those sort of events. If you want any of these people chased down for a particularly brilliant question, write it in the comments.