“Give Us Your Cash, B*tch”: The Aftermath

The reaction to the “Hahn’s Homeboyz” ad, posted first here yesterday , has been as just disbelieving, angry, gobsmacked, sputtering, and confused as the filmmaker wanted. The man himself, Ladd Ehlinger, Jr, responds to the critics:

The DCCC and Janice Hahn demand that the video come down and that I apologize! My answer: No! I didn’t kill anyone. I didn’t even enable anyone to kill anyone. And… oh yeah: suck it! The ad’s funny. It makes me laugh. So if, for some reason, it’s pulled by YouTube, a thousand will be launched in its place all over Algorez’ Internetz. Because you’re only drawing more attention to your past of supporting criminals, Janice, and forcing policemen out of their jobs for doing their duty. So there you go. Claim victimhood all you like, but how many people were victimized by your coddling? There’s a reason Mayor Villaraigosa took the program away from you. He’s a Democrat. So are you. Think about it.

And that was the goal, to create something so shocking that it would get people talking about a spot on the Hahn record that no one had paid attention to. Catanese has

more on the politics

; you can see why Democrats, unhappy having to run a sleepy campaign against a deep-pocketed businessman, think any attention-getting story is good. Liberal women’s groups were the first to come in against the video.