Gary Johnson: The WikiLeaks Candidate

That other former two-term governor of a southwestern state with three members of Congress – you know, the one who isn’t getting 6000-word magazine profiles – talks to Russia Today’s and praises WikiLeaks. Alyona Minkovski asks whether Johnson would crack down on the site or prosecute Julian Assange.

No, I would not. I think that they are the messenger, and that if it wasn’t WikiLeaks it would be someone else. I wasn’t really surprised at any of the information that has been let out. I haven’t been made aware of any information that’s been let out that’s led to a loss of life… Government needs to be transparent! The more transparent that government is, the better off we all are. Basically, everything we see out of WikiLeaks is what we theorized was actually the truth!

This isn’t quite what other Republicans say , although six months away from the heat of the scandal, it doesn’t sound off-base.