Encore: Ideas

Here is Michele Bachmann’s Tuesday morning media schedule.

6:30 a.m. ET – ABC’s”Good Morning America” with host George Stephanopoulos
6:45 a.m. ET – CBS’s”The Early Show” with host Erica Hill
7:00 a.m. ET – NBC’s “The TodayShow” with host Matt Lauer
7:15 a.m. ET – Fox News Channel’s “Fox andFriends”
7:30 a.m. ET – CNN’s “American Morning”

Set the DVR.

Bernie Sanders is becoming a one rant-every-six-months volcano.

Shockingly Super PACs are becoming soft landing pads for political operatives of the past.

The rise of gay divorce.

A lucky break for Wisconsin Democrats.

For what it’s worth, I disagree with the thinking man’s Weigel.

I had an idea , although Rand Paul had it first.

Gene Weingarten is making sense.