Crotch Shots for Weiner

WeinerSupport.com is exactly what you think it is , which is why you shouldn’t click it at work. Supporters of the congressman take pictures of their clothed crotches and submit them, in solidarity.

Q. Well, OK, I think it’s a bit crazy too that we are focusing nonstop on Weiners – what can I do?

A. Post a crotch shot! Better yet, post one with your name!

Q. Do you think that Weiner’s behavior reflects poorly on his ability to lead?

A. Not at all; plenty of great leaders had spicy personal lives (e.g. Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin , etc).

Q. What if I don’t have a Weiner? Or what if my Weiner is still maturing?

A. This is an equal opportunity site that fully supports ADULT weiners (and non-weiners) of all shapes, sizes, and orientations. As long as you’ve got a crotch and you take a picture of it then we welcome your submission. If your weiner (or non-weiner) is still maturing then please support safe politics in another way!! 

Progressives haven’t exactly been galvanized by Weiner’s problem, but they’re not all in line with House Democrats or the president, who just want the guy gone. Honestly, I’ve met fewer progressives who say Weiner should resign over a huge scandal than those who are angry he legitimized right-wing media and Andrew Breitbart and want him gone for that reason.