Blowback Against the Most Offensive Ad Ever

How are things for Turn Right USA in the wake of that “Hahn’s Homeboyz” ad? Not great, although the strategists are putting a brave face on things. First they find gasoline and a lighter underneath one of the cars they use.

“People have threatened to stalk us, threatened to attack us, sent us creepy messages,” said Ladd Ehlinger, Jr, director of the video. “As far as I’m concerned they can suck it. There are quite a few guys who don’t like that it’s a big story, because they stand to lose money if the money for gangsters is cut off. But the person they should blame is Hahn. If she had been a smart gangster, this wouldn’t be happening.”

Next: They’ve received a “cease and desist” letter f rom the Los Angeles Democratic Party, “Re: Give Us Your Cash, B__ch!”

The purpose of this letter is to demand that your organization immediately cease the dissemination of the referenced video which is both untruthful in its characterization of the work of Los Angeles City Councilmember Janice Hahn and contains repulsive and demeaning images which can fairly be characterized as intended to promote hateful stereotypes and incite the exploitation of women.

Your abhorent attempt to scare voters using racially charged and degrading images and language is so utterly beyond the pale that iot has been widely criticized as “the most racist and sexist political ad ever.”

They respond:

Insulting Janice Hahn does not insult African Americans. Janice Hahn is white as an egg. Furthermore, we didn’t depict any African-American in a negative light, but we did depict multiple gangsters in a negative way. Would you prefer that we portray Al Capone with a halo over his head so that we do not insult Italians? 

It’s silly to think insulting African-American gangsters insults all African-Americans. That’s like saying that your party’s constant trashing of Herman Cain, Alan Keyes, Justice Clarence Thomas, or any other person who is liberty-minded with extra melanin in their skin means that you have insulted all people who are melanin-advantaged. Pass the melanin bottle, we hate getting sunburned. 

By the way, you forgot to complain about the other people with varying shades of melanin depicted in the video, like Italians, WASPS, whatever Henry Paulson is, and Tokyo Rose. Please double-check your work next time, and be sure to be more outraged in more detail next time. Otherwise you may get a failing grade.