Bachmann’s Man in the Spin Room

MANCHESTER, N.H. – Two weeks ago, Amanda Carey reported that former Rudy Giuliani pollster Ed Goeas might be working for Michele Bachmann – he was a little bit shy about confirming it. But today, on the way in to get set up for the debate, I noticed a list of non-reporter invitees who are allowed into the room where media will be – a gymnasium that’s half filing center, half spin room. On the list is Goeas, as someone who’ll be doing spin for Bachmann.

One: Often, front-running candidates skip the spin rooms; dark horses and fringe candidates show up and talk to the press, with a staffer or two. So Bachmann’s not just running a fumes campaign, a la Duncan Hunter. Two: This will probably go better than the last time I saw Goeas in the spin room, when 9/11 Truth website editors were ejected for asking him questions.

This was a minor story at the time, which says something about the news value of these events.