An Award for Joe McGinniss

As he finishes up his Palin bio, The Rogue , Joe McGinniss will pause to accept the True Thrill Award at Thrillerfest.

[I]t’s his quartet of true crime stories that mark him as a True Thrill Master. His 1983 account of a brutal murder case, Fatal Vision, was gripping as he slowly reveals the killer’s identify. His 1989 tale of an idyllic family ripped by tragedy, Blind Faith, is Hitchcockian in its cast of character. The psychodrama of mother and son, Cruel Doubt (1991), unwinds with the understated horror of emerging facts. Never Enough (2007) is a suspenseful account of how greed can kill even the wealthy. With verve, guts, and ambition, McGinniss has inspired three generations of nonfiction suspense and true crime authors.

I asked McGinniss how the Rogue fit in with his true crime canon. “It doesn’t,” he said. “It’s the eighth non-true crime book I’ve written, although some might be disappointed that I don’t accuse Sarah of any crimes.”