A Short List of E-Mail Troves I Want to Read More Than Palin’s

- E-mails between White House staff and the health care industry during the run-up to the vote on the Affordable Care Act.

- E-mails between Dick Cheney’s energy task force and the energy industry.

- E-mails between the Bush Treasury department and the heads of the banks that received bailouts.

- E-mails between Geithner and other White House economic officials on when and how to tackle unemployment.

- E-mails from the Obama administration about whether HAMP was working or not, when it obviously wasn’t.

- Whatever e-mails we’ve captured from Osama bin Laden’s computer so far.

And on the non-government side of the ledger:

- E-mails from journalists talking about Sarah Palin’s e-mails.

Please nominate your own!