Political Spot of the Year: “I Be From North Bergen, Son” (VIDEO)

Besides baby bok choi and rye bread in a pinch, the downstairs bodega also supplies a quick, ongoing course in Hits Radio. Through short doses of heavy rotation, it’s possible, without even trying, to stay aware of things like what Britney’s comeback single sounded like (really? Like that?).

Early Sunday morning—oops, where did the milk go?—what was playing was a commercial, presumably at bargain weekend Manhattan-airtime rates. It went like this:

Does North Bergen’s longtime mayor, Nick Sacco, deserve to be reelected tomorrow? Opinions seem to vary . This mashup of small-market advertising and earnest local-grown hip-hop, however, clearly deserves to be the template for every political spot between now and November 2012. “The streets are clean, and the parks are beautiful,” someone testifies, over-vigorously, between choruses led by teenage rapper Tyler “TyAlaxandar” Griffin . Why does this not have an AutoTune remix yet?

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