Open Thread: Chasing

I am still on vacation, although a quick scan of headlines informs me that I am missing…

- A Sarah Palin bus tour, the stops of which are not being announced for reporters or most supporters. My heart goes out to reporters like Jay Newton-Small who actually have to chase the bus for short quotes.

- A sex-scandal-that-maybe-isn’t , based on a possibly real, but not-hard-to-fake, photo of an erect, boxer shorts-clad penis. (I am aggressively vacationing and have not paid much attention, but a photo like this, which conceals the identity of the subject, is perfectly suited to a malicious prank. )

… suggests that I really should stay on vacation.

Emily Bazelon on the pro-life renaissance .

Six wealthy businessman board a chartered plane to beg a guy into the presidential race? How quaint.

If someone handed Lanny Davis a suitcase of money that had blood oozing out of the cracks, would he say no?

It’s getting slightly weird that the only candidate Bachmann is asked about her impact on/the impact of is Sarah Palin.