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Mike Brown To Succeed Phil Jackson as Coach of Los Angeles Lakers (VIDEO)

MikeBrown is trending on reports that he will be named head coach of the LosAngeles Lakers, taking the place of Hall of Famer Phil Jackson, who justretired. Brown coached the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals but was firedin 2010 after failing to win a championship with LeBron James.

Brown is gettingsome preliminary boos and hisses from Lakers fans. EyeCandy2 tweeted: “TheLakers cannot be serious about this Mike Brown head coach situation. Do theyreally think he can coach Kobe?” No word yet on what Jack Nicholsonthinks.

Brown has some serious shoes to fill, given Jackson’s run ofchampionships. But the bitter end to the Lakers’ most recent season buys Browna little wiggle room, at least until October when the next season gets under way.

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