Jon Huntsman’s Unofficial RINO Ad

The conservative bloggers at Verum Serum, fresh off their campaign against Goodwin Liu, give us two hot minutes of Jon Huntsman quotes that should make GOP primary voters’ hair curl.

The most brutal quote? It’s a tie between “I think health care is a right” and “putting a value on carbon either suggests that you get a carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system underway.” The amazing thing about Huntsman’s moderation is that it’s not on issues that could help him in a general election. Cap and trade, the stimulus – these are things that are effectively toxic for independents, too. It’d be a dream for No Labels or some similar group of beaten-up centrists to have both presidential candidates defending those policies, but I don’t see how the GOP base allows it, or how the congressional Republicans who effectively lead the party would allow it.