I Be Reelected, Son: With Internet Duly Conquered, North Bergen Mayor Wins Vote, Too

With 38 of 39 precincts in North Bergen, New Jersey, reporting on Tuesday night, five-term mayor and viral hip-hop popularizer Nick Sacco had 9,272 votes , leading his slate of incumbent commissioners to an easy victory. The Jersey Journal reported that the Sacco partisans and the rival “Citizens for Change” ticket had accused each other of misbehavior at the polls:

[Opposition candidate Ravi] Varma said he has been getting calls from people on his side, who are official challengers at various polling stations, that poll workers are taking chairs and tables away from them.

He also said that poll workers are telling voters that ask for help who to cast their vote for.

“This is like three times it has already happened,” Varma said, “It’s terrible, I don’t even feel like I’m in America anymore.”


Sacco, who voted near his home on Palisade Avenue earlier today, said many of the workers from the “Citizens for Change” ticket are from out of the county, a violation of election rules.

“To work at the polls you have to be a county resident, it just doesn’t seem to be many North Bergen people of their list,” Sacco said, adding that one was arrested last night for having an active warrant out of Elizabeth.