Dallas’ Jason Terry Supplies Some Perspective on Basketball History

Mavericks guard Jason Terry, probably best known for crotch-punching Michael Finley during Dallas’ last run to the NBA finals, reportedly got a picture of the league championship trophy tattooed on his arm before this season began. Hubris? Or was it humility? Here’s how Terry elaborated on his confidence in his team after the Mavericks finished off the Oklahoma City Thunder last night:

“If you look, to a man, this team is better than it was in 2006,” Terry said. “To a man. The whole makeup. The chemistry, just all together. … Just look at the point guard on that team. It was me. Look at the point guard on this team: Jason Kidd. Big difference.”

That might be the most ruthless NBA self-assessment since Gilbert Arenas declared that he would choose Kobe Bryant over Gilbert Arenas (“I had a good game, but I mean, one’s 6-8 or 6-9, one’s 6-3 and a half. Hey, you go with the bigger guy. Jesus Christ. Just state the obvious”).