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Kurt Cobain, R.I.P.: Tributes Paid on 17th Anniversary of Nirvana Frontman’s Death (VIDEO)

Kurt Cobain is trending on the 17th anniversary of his death. Nirvana fans are paying tribute on Twitter to the legendary grunge guitarist and singer-songwriter.

Cobain and Nirvana emerged in 1991 with their breakout “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” which became something of an anthem for Generation X. Two years later, the band released its third and final album,

In Utero


Throughout Nirvana’s run in the spotlight, the introverted Cobain struggled with depression and heroin addiction. He committed suicide with a shotgun at age 27 on April 5, 1994, leaving behind his wife, Courtney Love, and a young daughter. Cobain’s influence and musical legacy endure to this day. Nirvana has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide.