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Bacon-Scented Cologne? Perfume and Denny’s Ice Cream Sundae Are Latest To Fuel Bacon-Mania (VIDEO)

The bacon meme is once again sizzling on the Web. A new bacon-scented cologne has Twitterers wondering—is it real? Yep, it is! is selling two varieties of Bacon (ba-CONE), a perfume with notes of oils, herbs, flowers, and bacon for 36 dollars a bottle. The website shares the story of John Fargginay, a Parisian butcher from the 1920s, who developed a bacon-scented elixir as a way to lure more customers.

And for those who can’t get their fill, Denny’s is promoting a week-long bacon renaissance, Baconalia, serving dishes like the Maple-Bacon Sundae, a Triple Bacon Sampler, and a BBBLT—that would be a BLT with copious amounts of bacon.