Rand Paul, Human Rorschach Test

Last week, Rand Paul used the forum of an Energy and Natural Resources Committee hearing to run through his problems with government regulations. He had a jarring/hilarious framing device: Why was there more choice available and less regulation available to a woman who sought an abortion than to someone buying a toilet?

The moment was first noticed by a progressive Kentucky blog, Barefoot and Progressive, with no love for Paul. When it was posted at TPM , four thousand liberal readers promoted it on Facebook. Every liberal site wrote it up – it was just an example of Paul going over the top. Wasn’t it?

I think people should have paid more attention to the fact that Paul’s office posted the video. (The video now has more than 185,000 views.) Today, Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty sends an email asking supporters to check it out.

I hope you had a chance to enjoy the video of Senator Rand Paul lighting into an Obama Administration Bureaucrat over the oppressive size and scope of the nanny state. If you have not, please take a few moments to watch. You’ll be glad you did!  If you have already watched it, please forward this email to a friend who’s fed up with federal nannycrats.  I’m sure watching Senator Paul in action will brighten his or her day.

On the “Paul, WTF” side of things, Dave Roberts points to a toilet , make economical by government regulation, that offers low-flow and heavy options.