Only 25 Percent of Republicans Think ACORN Will Rig 2012 Election

From Public Policy Polling’s survey of Republican voters comes this:

GOP voters think that the ACORN threat has gone down significantly. In November of 2009 we found 52% of Republicans thought ACORN had stolen the election for Barack Obama in 2008. Now only 25% think the organization will steal the election for him again next year, while 43% think it will not and 32% aren’t sure yet.

On March 21, 2010 – one year ago – ACORN’s board decided to shut down. On November 2, they filed for Chapter 7. The organization has not existed in months. But this number is actually 2 points higher than the number who, last fall, thought the collapsing ACORN would steal some midterm elections for Democrats.

Matthew Vadum has kept up on the activities of ACORN splinter groups – some survived – but to believe that the mortally wounded network has the power to steal elections at this point…