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Is the McLobster Coming to a McDonald’s Near You? (VIDEO)

Wait, there’s a McLobster? Rumors that McDonald’s plans to expand distribution of this regional dish, previously available only on its Canadian and New England menus, are tantalizing and terrifying the Twitterverse. The McLobster has actually been around for quite a while. In a 2009

blog post

, Zach Tropf characterized the sandwich as a “disturbing mix of lobster and bread smothered in white ‘McLobster sauce.’ ” But others on the


message boards have declared, “It’s really not bad.” McLobster devotees have even created a McLobster photo

Flickr pool

. In an effort to dispel these McRumors once and for all, the

Carlsbad Patch

blog e-mailed Mickey D’s media team directly. Sadly, they confirmed that any rumors surrounding the McLobster are “McFake.”