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Chris Brown’s Violent Outburst: Smashes Window After Good Morning America Interview (VIDEO)

ChrisBrown is trending after a

Good Morning America


in which heclaimed to be past the Rihanna drama and then, to prove it, ripped his shirtoff and broke a window.The R&B singer appeared on ABC’s morning show to promote his just-releasedalbum. But when Robin Roberts pressed Brown about his past domestic violenceincident with Rihanna, he was not a happy camper. After the taping, Brown brokea window in his dressing room. When confronted by one of the show’s producers, Brownremoved his shirt and left, skipping a planned second performance on theprogram. Just to cap things off, Brown tweeted: “I’m so over peoplebringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs forthere bulls**t.”