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April Fools’ Pranks and Other High Jinks To Observe April 1, 2011 (VIDEO)

In honor of April 1, April Fools’ pranks are trending, incase you want to take your observance of the day to the next level.

There are office pranks, like changing the message on theprinter or rigging a friend’s computer to turn on the caps lock withoutwarning. Or you can take a cue from TheOffice ‘s Jim Halpert and dress as a co-worker.

In New York’s Central Park, there’s a one-mile race that’srun backward. San Francisco hosts the annual St. Stupid’s Day Parade, whichsatirizes “the business of religion and the religion of business.”

The day’s origins are obscure, but they’re believed to dateto the 16 th century, when France adopted the Gregorian calendar andmoved New Year’s Day from April 1 to January 1. The sad sacks who didn’t getthe memo were known as April Fools.

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