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Sarah Palin Tell-All Book Coming Soon? Former Aide’s Manuscript Leaked. (VIDEO)

A leaked manuscript for a new tell-all book about Sarah Palin is generating buzz. Former Palin aide Frank Bailey’s

Blind Allegiance

is based on more than 60,000 emails he claims to have sent and received while working for the former Alaska governor. Bailey portrays Palin as obsessed with the media to the point of paranoia and points to an e-mail in which Palin says “I hate this damn job” not long before she resigned as governor. The manuscript also inadvertently reveals Palin’s personal e-mail address, which


has traced to what appears to be a secret Palin Facebook account under the name “Lou Sarah.” That account is mainly used to praise her daughter Bristol and recommend links to Palin op-eds. There’s no word on when Bailey’s manuscript might be published.