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Reagan Turns 100: America Remembers Its 40th President on the Centennial of his Birth (VIDEO)

Happy 100 th birthday, Ronald Reagan. The nation’s40 th president would have turned 100 on Feb. 6, 2011, and a widerange of tributes and assessments are being offered to mark the occasion: acommemorative video at the Super Bowl in Dallas, a Beach Boys concert, and aspeech by Sarah Palin near the Reagan family ranch in Santa Barbara. Conservativecolumnists are waxing poetic about the man known as the Great Communicator. Theever-optimistic Reagan is credited with bringing about the end of the Cold War,restoring the national mood following a long period of malaise during the1970s, and turning tax cuts and smaller government into Republican Party dogma.Yet Reagan will also be remembered for running up the national debt during histwo terms in office, leading many to complain that his glowing legacy is moremyth than reality.