Washington Post Ombusman Stops Doing the Job He Wasn’t Doing All That Often

Andrew Alexander, the Washington Post’s ombudsman, has reached the end of his two-year term and will be moving on to other things. At the bottom of his

farewell column

is a little italicized memento of his reign: the old message telling readers to

look online for “daily updates”

of the ombudsman’s blog has given way to a message promoting “mid-week updates.”

Good thing it doesn’t specify where in the middle, or the middle of how many weeks: the

most recent item

on Alexander’s blog—in which he discussed the fact that more men than women write letters to the Post—went up Tuesday, January 18. Before that, the last entry was

December 16


“In the end, it’s all about quality,” Alexander wrote, wrapping his goodbye. It sure wasn’t about quantity.