Plagued by Acrobatic Accidents, Doom-Crazed Spider-Man Musical Adds More Acrobatics

The quixotic story of the

long-delayed musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

took a new twist yesterday, the New York Times reported, thanks to ”

the addition of a technically ambitious finale

.” The $65 million musical’s previous, more modest level of technical ambition has already sent four performers to the hospital.

The new aerial maneuver, one of about two dozen in the show, is intended as an exciting climax for audience members. Some “Spider-Man” patrons have complained that the show, which began preview performances on Nov. 28, ended with a thud; previously, a curtain simply fell to the stage after a romantic moment between Peter and his girlfriend, Mary Jane.

Ended with a thud

,” you say. Curious theatergoers who don’t want to wait for the opening—pushed back again, now to March 15—can buy tickets to the previews. Prices (with fees) start


at $90.80 and go up to $332.40. Hurry; the January shows are almost all sold out. It’s almost as if the producers are adding more material to

keep it in previews