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Kirk Cameron: Mass Bird Deaths Not a Sign of the Apocalypse (VIDEO)

Thank the heavens! The dead birds falling from the sky in Arkansas, Kentucky, and now Italy are


a sign of the end times, according to actor-turned-evangelist Kirk Cameron. The

Growing Pains

star who went on to act in the Christian-themed

Left Behind

films told CNN that he doesn’t buy into religious conspiracy theories about the mass bird deaths that have been riveting the Twitter-verse in the New Year. Scientists are still puzzling over the mystery. One theory in the Arkansas deaths is that fireworks startled a dense flock of red-winged blackbirds, leading to mass confusion and midair collisions in low-visibility skies. Conspiracy-minded folks are positing that sonic waves from an Alaska-based high-frequency research program are killing the birds. Whatever the cause, ornithologists say mass bird deaths happen more often than we realize. And 500 million birds are killed each year by flying into glass doors and windows.