Wes Welker Is the Huckleberry Finn of Catching Footballs

Wes Welker’s eyes are blue-grey . This is because he is a white guy. Not a big white guy, either. I mean, he’s musclier than you, sure. But he’s not taller than you. In the terms of his chosen profession, this makes him a little guy. A little, white guy. Scrappy. A little, scrappy, white guy, who catches passes out of the slot. Because his chosen profession is football. 

It might as well be literature. Remember in Huckleberry Finn, when Huck says to Jim, “Throw me the ball,” and Jim does, and Huck catches it for 7 yards on third-and-five? Or something like that? They’re downright mythic, little scrappy white guys. Some are fictitious adolescents. Others are grown up but are not as tall as the people they work with. You could line one up in the slot and throw him the ball, if he was—in addition to being scrappy—agile and a good runner.

Wes Welker’s eyes are blue-grey and he is good at running. He is a little, agile, scrappy white guy. Put him in the slot and let him run out and catch the football. Who would even think of such a thing? Besides the Colts . And the Eagles. But then the Eagles put a black guy in the slot instead, and the Dolphins picked up the white guy the Eagles used to have. Oh, and the Broncos . A scrappy, little, white slot receiver. It almost seems like you couldn’t ever picture such a thing, except you can, because people do it. Imagine.