NBA’s Donte Greene Sees a Thing Before It Even Happens

The obvious hero of the final seconds of last night’s Sacramento Kings-Memphis Grizzlies game was the Kings’ Tyreke Evans, who knocked down a half-court shot to win it as time expired. But on review, Evans’ shot is only the second most uncanny thing happening on the court:

See the slow-motion replay when it gets to the 1:06 mark. The ball is high in the air and only just crossing the free-throw line—adding up to a good 20 or 25 feet from the hoop—when Evans’ teammate, second-year forward Donte Greene , erupts from the bench to celebrate the victory. Greene is all the way out on the court, making his second triumphant leap, before the ball drops through and everyone else in the arena unfreezes. Precognition? Or inhumanly fast intuitive physics calculation?