Give Your Friends a Very Gingrich Christmas and a Happy Newt Year

With the same self-effacing charm that has him

handicapping the 2012 presidential field

(“I think I’m competitive”), Newt Gingrich today launched what he promises will be a

12-day Christmas countdown

of gift ideas. The first one is

We Have the Power

, a Gingrich Productions video “hosted by Newt and Callista Gingrich,” which “highlights America’s need to tap into our abundant energy resources.” It’s available for “only $19.95” through the Gingrich Productions website, plus $4.90 for Priority Mail shipping.

A customer review on the site gives it

two stars


I love Newt, what he says and what he stands for. I totoally agree the U.S. needs asap to tap into an alternative fuel.  About the video, being asked to comment, it is vague and from what I see only advertises the sale of a book. I understand the need to make money, I don’t have a job and need one desperatly but  any answers newt or anyone else might have for our fuel problem would be best offered and not have the idea sold for profit. WE, the american people, need this solution, those of us who actually care about the country anyway unlike the ACLU and other factions bent on it’s destruction along with activist judges and the like.

For comparison, the waggish accountants at PNC Financial Services who get annual publicity for their Christmas Price Index say that a partridge in a pear tree is

going for $161

this year (their pear tree seems


). Or Amazon is selling Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth for