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Cracking the Code of Facebook and Twitter Numbers Game (VIDEO)

It’s a numbers game that has Twitter and Facebook users talking in code.

Secretly send your friends a random number and they’ll Tweet or status-update their opinion of you to the world. But they’ll only refer to you by your number, not your name, so your other friends can try to guess who #9 or #32 really is.    For example, Sade (SadeAjayi) thinks #16 was evil in “pry” school but turned out to be a nice guy, and #22 is Prettiikaaay’s “sooooulmaateeee”. If you want to try the game with your friends or family, make sure you send a different number to each person so your identity remains a mystery. And as for #22 and Prettiikaaay, will they live happily ever after? The suspense is killing us!