China Follows Tina Brown Into Weekly News Business

Starting tomorrow, news customers in England and on the Continent can obtain coverage of the week’s events as reported and written by employees of the People’s Republic of China. The state-run, oddly charming, English-language China Daily has

announced the launch

of China Daily European Weekly, which sounds like a punchline but is to be an actual print-on-paper publication.

In China Daily’s self-coverage of the project, the paper’s United Kingdom general manager came across more or less like any other newsweekly executive trying to make a publication

sound like The Economist


“While there is an element of breaking news, the majority of the paper seeks to provide a more in-depth review of headlines of the week – a useful guide to help readers understand the emerging opportunities that exist between China and Europe,” he added.

With any luck, that snoozy-sounding focus on useful analysis won’t keep the China Daily European Weekly from also copying its parent paper’s greatest strength: aggregating the most gothic and emotional

local-news nuggets

that China—and, I hope, now Europe—can offer. Currently, the Chinese capsule-roundup page includes ”

Cancer bride wears veil in hospital bed

” and ”

Woman in rabbit-killing video apologizes

.” Don’t sleep on the new competition, Fleet Street!