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Brittney Jones, Ashton Kutcher’s Alleged Mistress, in Sex Tape (VIDEO)

Browsers are locking in on Brittney Jones.   And why is that?  

Jones melds a trifecta of always-blazing search terms:  Ashton Kutcher, mistress and sex tape.  Brittney Jones claims to have had an affair with Kutcher and had been shopping a story that she was pregnant with Kutcher’s baby. (She isn’t.)  Now, Vivid Entertainment, of Kim Kardashian sex tape fame,  is releasing an explicit tape featuring Brittney Jones and a former boyfriend-NOT Ashton Kutcher.  But Vivid is promoting the tape with the line that Kutcher’s fans will “undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star may have experienced himself.”  Kutcher’s lawyers have asked Vivid to cease and desist.