Boise State Gets a BCS Controversy After All

The Boise State Broncos, who had hoped to follow up last year’s

14-0 non-championship football season

with another assault on the occult title-making machinery of the Bowl Championship Series, had those plans mooted by

two missed field goals

against Nevada. With that one blot on its record, Boise State abandoned its dreams of a national title—or a

national-title controversy

—and settled for a spot in the

Maaco Bowl - Las Vegas

against Utah.

But the Broncos have been

victimized by the BCS anyway

, Jerry Palm of CBS Sports reports:

Wes Colley’s final rankings, as submitted to the BCS, were incorrect. The Appalachian State-Western Illinois FCS playoff game was missing from his data set. I will spare you some of the gory, mathematical details, but the net result of that omission in Colley’s rankings is that LSU, which he ranked ninth, and his No. 10, Boise State, should be switched.

As a result of that mistake, Palm writes, Boise State came out behind LSU in the overall rankings, at No. 11 instead of No. 10. That means if college football were using an eight-team playoff system in the name of fairness, the Broncos could have been the second team in line to protest about unfairly missing the cut.