Assignment Memo: Audiences Sure Are Pushy!

To: Trends Desk

Re: Who’s got a third?

OK, there was that Steve Martin crowd

demanding a change in topic

in mid-discussion, right? And then there was the heckler at

Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

, who made it into the reviews by yelling “I feel like a guinea pig tonight” during one of the multiple technical delays in the troubled megabudget musical.

So it’s like a thing—Crowd [in] Control!—now. Like, Internet, instant gratification, Twitter, real-time feedback. People feeling empowered (entitled?) to demand change right away, and to get it. (Tea Parties?) (Or remember how

Snakes on a Plane

crowdsourced its own production? We Are All Snakes on a Plane Now!) (Hey, the Tea Party uses those

snake flags


Anyway, that’s all the dropback analysis or whatever. We just need like one more current example. (Do Bill Simmons’

Twitter-chant campaigns

count? Or is that more like a flash-mob thing?) The New Heckling. Who can we get on it?