The Washington Post Congratulates Michael Wilbon on His Becoming Too Good for a Lowly, Doomed Newspaper

Multi-platform sports pundit Michael Wilbon will be

removing the Washington Post from his portfolio

to devote his full attention to his work for ESPN and ABC. As was the case for his TV partner

Tony Kornheiser

, the Post sports column that had once been Wilbon’s defining credential, his source of prestige, had become an ever more useless side project next to the

broadcast work

that was making him


and famous. That’s the reality of the media business. But it was sad to see the leadership of one of the great American newspapers admitting as much. In a farewell memo signed by editor Marcus Brauchli, sports editor Matt Vita, and managing editors Liz Spayd and Raju Narisetti, the Post more or less surrendered any claim on being the best place a journalist could wish to be:

In many respects this should come as no surprise to anyone here, but it doesn’t mean that making this announcement is any easier. The ESPN/ABC rocket ship that Michael Wilbon has been riding the past several years has finally left our orbit. Wilbon will soon be leaving the Post – a place he has called home for nearly 32 years – as he takes on an even greater role for his networks and their parent company, Disney.

Rocket ship! It’s like


saying goodbye to Kal-El. Escape while you can! There is no future here!