The Most-Covered Candidate of 2010 Was… Christine O’Donnell

LAS VEGAS – Michael Calderone has the research from Pew , which reveals that the Delaware U.S. Senate candidate – universally expected to lose since she won her primary on September 14.

O’Donnell ranked first among 2010 candidates. She was lead newsmaker in 160 stories, a remarkable number considering the majority of them came within the past two months… Here’s a rundown of Pew’s top 10 candidate newsmakers in 2010 coverage: Christine O’Donnell (160); Meg Whitman (90); Rand Paul (88); Joe Sestak (85); Sharron Angle (80); Harry Reid (74); Charlie Crist (67); Blanche Lincoln (52); Carl Paladino (52);  Jerry Brown (49); and Joe Miller (47).

As if making this point, as I was typing this the local Fox affiliate opened up a segment on campaign ads by mentioning “that witch lady in Delaware” as one of the icons of the year. So of the top three most-covered candidates, two (O’Donnell, Paladino) never really were given a chance to win, and three (Whitman, Crist, Linciln), are widely expected to lose today. The problem, perhaps, is focusing on elections like the way American Idol producers focus on which schmucks they’ll use from the audition footage.