Sunday NFL Action: The Chiefs! The Raiders! The Bureaucratic/Epistemological Proceduralism of the Officiating Panel!

Selected passages from the Associated Press report on yesterday’s

Oakland Raiders–Kansas City Chiefs game


Nick Miller muffed a punt and Kansas City’s Verran Tucker recovered at the Raiders 30. It appeared as if Miller’s knee might have been down before the ball came loose, but Cable had already used his two challenges so Kansas City kept the ball.


After Rock Cartwright was stopped on Oakland’s fake punt try, the Chiefs appeared to score on a slant from Cassel to Tony Moeaki on third-and-2 from the 6.

Cable challenged the call and won it when replays showed Moeaki’s knee went down at the 1. Instead of giving the Chiefs a first down, the officials originally called it fourth and goal from the 1. After a holding call on Kansas City, the officials corrected the down and the Chiefs had first-and-goal at the 11.


Tucker made an acrobatic catch in the back of the end zone on the next play. Cable challenged that call and lost it, meaning Oakland was out of challenges with 14:31 left in the half.

Yes, the NFL replay-review system has gotten so bloated and intrusive—and has helped make the real-time refereeing so passive and incompetent—that it now even gets in the way of

reading about

a game.