Sarah Palin: Bush Tax Cuts Are a More Pressing Issue Than War in Korea

Obviously Sarah Palin—or the employee of the corporate Sarah Palin™ entity who uses Twitter under the @SarahPalinUSA handle—is an Internet troll, and it’s embarrassing even to react to her. But this, today, is

really something

, even for deliberately irritating performance art:

Let’s hope Congress & WH can deal w/2 things @ once today: stop incoming tax hikes (due 31 days from now) AND deal w/Wikileaks fiasco. Both.

Can the American government deal w/2 things @ once? SarahPalinUSA is concerned. Hope she doesn’t find about some other stuff that’s maybe only a little less important than the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, like the fact that unemployment benefits are

due to run out

, or the fact that North Korea

attacked South Korea


Or, wait, are we still fighting


in places, too?

Wow, it is hard work, running a country. So much to keep track of. It’s like some stuff happens in America and other stuff happens in places that are not America, but America still has to handle it. All.