NFL Discussion: Sometimes the Quarterback Is Just Asking to Be Hit

The Slate NFL midseason discussion is all wrapped up and has completed its forward progress. In round two, I wondered why exactly the guy who is actively trying to throw a football should be exempt from getting hit by the defense. Then I suffered through the tedium of out-of-control replay review while watching the three-sided contest between the Falcons, the Ravens, and the referees . Football! Now we’re more than halfway through the year, and the standings say that the three best teams are those indifferent Falcons; the Patriots, who got blown out by the Cleveland Browns last week; and the Jets, who were a fumble away from losing to the Browns in overtime this week. For all the hype and bluster around these Jets, their on-field performance has been a case study in Commitment to Adequacy. Hang around and make the minimum number of plays necessary to avoid disaster. Week after week, they set the competitive thermostat at 68 degrees. If you don’t like it, put on a cardigan.