Gawker’s Transition to Respectable Media Format Still a Work in Progress

Don’t let that whole Christine O’Donnell thing mislead you. Nick Denton is very serious about turning Gawker Media into something more reputable than a batch of blogs. Soon, as the New Yorker and the Wall Street Journal have reported, the sites will abandon the reverse-chronological format of classic Web logging, in favor of a prioritized, edited-looking “news magazine” layout. (Which: did Henry Ford restyle the Model T to make it look “more like a buggy”?) Romenesko helpfully points the way to the new Gawker, in beta. Here’s a look:

Oh, Iraq haz a sad. LOL! JK! KTHX! You can take the website out of the blog format, but you can’t take the blog out of the website. At least not till you do something about the snotty top tags. Good luck, Nick Denton, and keep on editing.