National Corruption Rankings 2010: The Good News Is, Afghanistan and Iraq Are Closer to American Standards

Speaking of

how countries are doing in the standings

, the newest Transparency International

corruption-perception rankings

are out today. Last year, the list had

the two nations we’re busy building

, Afghanistan and Iraq, way down at the bottom,

second- and fourth-worst respectively


How has another year of American involvement paid off? Afghanistan improved its raw score from 1.3 corruption points to 1.4, moving into a tie with Burma/Myanmar, but still second from the bottom. Iraq held steady at 1.5 corruption points, and remains fourth from the bottom.

Also Pakistan, our trusted ally in the Afghan campaign, slipped a few notches. And the United States itself

dropped out of the 20 least corrupt

. A few more decades, and the people we’re liberating really could be sharing in the American dream.