Mentioning Race = Racism

Here’s a fantastic example of what Steve Sailer calls “point and sputter” commentary. National Review’s Thomas Shakely posts the same 20-second clip of Obama’s Philadelphia speech that I’ve seen on other conservative sites, and tut-tuts about Obama saying that Republicans hope that “black folks” stay home. “So much for the era of the post-racial, post-partisan presidency,” sputters Shakely.

Meanwhile, in reality, Republican expect some of their gains to come because black voters will turn out at lower levels than they did in 2008.

Also: For some reason, the popular clip cuts Obama off after he says “black folks.” The full bit:

They’re counting on your silence. They’re counting on your amnesia.They’re counting on your apathy. They’re counting on young peoplestaying home and union members staying home and black folks stayinghome and middle-class families staying home.

Yep, Republicans are counting on young people and African-Americans making up a smaller slice of the electorate than they did in 2008. Rather than sputtering, can someone prove this wrong?